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Towards the end of the 19th century, Mikao Usui, a Japanese Minister embarked on a quest seeking knowledge and understanding of healing by laying hands on people, like Jesus Christ used to do. His search took him to Buddhist monks from whom he obtained special symbols for healing. After meditating on the symbols, he experienced a spiritual awakening and felt beautiful Light and powerful energy flowing through him. When he placed his hands on sick people, they became well, and so he knew he had been blessed with the power of healing.

Usui called this healing power Reiki, which in Japanese means ‘Universal Life Force’. He passed on this healing power to Chirjuro Hayashi who in turn passed it on to Hawayo Takata. Hawayo trained several American people, and from there it spread all over the world.

Reiki energy is a very gentle force. In Indian and Hindu tradition it is known as ‘Prana’. When a trained Reiki practitioner places his hands on a sick person, Reiki energy flows through his hands into the body of the person, correcting any imbalance within that person. It heals disease from its root, which could be present in one of several places or bodies: emotional, mental or even spiritual body.

Live your life this way and take your path to enlightenment.


Reiki pronounced (RAY-key) is a Japanese word for Universal Life Energy. Reiki is an ancient natural healing art that works by inducing deep relaxation, enhancing your own natural healing powers. Reiki works at all levels of consciousness-physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Reiki can be accessed by anyone attuned to receive it.

The word REIKI means Universal Life Energy. It is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created matter. The word consists of two parts. The syllable REI describes the universal, boundless aspect of the energy; while KI being the vital life force energy, which flows through all living beings. It is one of the highest forms of energy in existence. Everyone is born with Reiki, for it is the energy of life itself.

The Chinese call this life force "Chi", Indians "Prana", in Islam it is "Barakka" and for Christians it is the "Holy spirit", while modern scientists call it Bioplasmic energy, which is the bio-magnetic energy of the auric field. In 1940 Semyon Kirilian a Russian sciencetist developed a camera to photograph the life energy (aura) that surrounds a person. It has been given other names in various cultures to this universal life and energy in Greek it is called "Pneuma" in Polynesia "Mana" and in Hebron "Roah" which means breathe of life.Reiki is one of the simplest and most popular alternative therapy methods. It does not require much sweat and pain to practice. It makes you feel so much more in control of your life. Like any other therapy, it's a way of life.

Reiki is a simple but effective healing therapy. It requires nothing but your two hands and intention for curing chronic diseases even where modern medicines have no answer. Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy. Reiki can never do harm and never deplete your energy when you give treatment to others. Reiki is supportive and complementary to all modern medical treatments. In fact it improves the results of any medical treatment, such as those from chemotherapy, surgery, childbirth or psychological conditions etc. It shortens the healing time, reduces pain, stress and built up self-confidence among patients.Reiki can help in healing unwanted habits: weight loss, smoking, alcohol, and drugs.


REIKI is not a religion, as it holds no creed or doctrine.

It has nothing to do with spiritualism or the occult in any form.

It is not concerned with hypnosism or any other kind of psychological technique.

To practice Reiki, no special kind of faith or belief is required.

In Reiki treatments, use is made solely of natural but concentrated form of cosmic energy.


Everyone can benefit from Reiki.

Reiki is a gentle, effective, form of natural healing, which treats the whole individual not just the symptoms of the disease.

A Reiki Healer acts by placing their hands in a sequence of specific positions either above or on the body. The treatment is non-intrusive. Some people say that they feel heat or tingling from the Reiki Healer's hands as they move around the body.

The Reiki Practitioner acts as a channel for the universal flow of healing energy, through their hands, to the animal or human client, helping to heal mind, body and spirit at the deepest levels.

Reiki healing can therefore restore balance and harmony to a person or animal's entire being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not get angry.

Just for today, earn your living honestly.

Just for today, I will respect all life.

Just for today, I will count all of my blessings.


My name is Sue Reynolds. I am a Reiki Master Teacher running a Reiki treatment clinic in Harrow. I specialise in helping clients from Harrow and the surrounding areas with stress related problems and medical conditions which Reiki is very beneficial in treating.

Whilst a one-off treatment is beneficial, a series of treatments will be most effective. However there is absolutely no obligation to commit to a number of sessions. I'm more than happy to offer an introductory session or to have a chat with you about your particular needs.

CALL 07800 942 291.

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